Can you say “Mama” ?

If you ask JK to say “Mama” she will grin at you, sometimes giggle and she will say “Dada.”  Nice huh?  Yeah, my girl really knows how to make me feel like a million bucks.   But then I got to thinking, why would I want yet another person in my house yelling Mama, Mommy, Mom or any other variation?  It seems like even my husband manages to yell “Oh, Mommy!” at least once a week.  But the reality is that there is some sort of validation in hearing your child call for you.  Not just anyone, but MA-MA!  You want her to say that it is you she wants, that only you can make her feel loved and secure.  And lets face it, while she can say Dada all day long, when she is crying its not what she is screaming.

Each of my children and most other children I know have picked Dada up first.  BK not only picked up Dada first, but she used Nonna (our term for grandmother) way faster than she used Mama or mommy regularly.  She even went though a phase last year of calling me Nonnie instead of Mommy.  And when my son is sad now its not me he is pining for, its Nonna.  After all this being overlooked one might wonder why I am still a stay at home mom?  I know some days I do.  And then I remember that these early years with my children are precious.  They change so quickly and learn so much that I don’t want to miss too much of it!  Even if they can’t say it I know they appreciate the time I have spent with them.

My top 10 reasons for being a stay at home mom. (this is mostly in good fun, please don’t be offended if you happen not to be a stay at home mom)

10. Lets face it the uniform is awesome.

9. My commute is perfect.  I have no desire to face rush hour ever again.

8. Flexible schedule.

7.  My customers are adorable, and it usually makes up for the mess they make.

6. When I come up with a neat idea everyone here at work thinks its awesome!

5. Nap time, yup some times for me too!

4. You can’t beat a good 10 minute conversation about imaginary friends.

3. I can take my work with me.  Some days it’s on amazing adventures and other days only on mundane errands, but we always try to make it fun.

2. I know that I will look back and have many memories to cherish, even if I don’t remember the current events for an entire decade.

And the number one reason I stay home?

1.  No one can replace this time, even more than the memories my children and I will always have I know that they are starting off life with a good foundation.  I love them, I teach them, I learn from them and we learn together.  We have good days and bad days.  But in the end I know that the time I have spent with them is worth it.

As a side note to my little list.  It’s also been a huge help for us that I have been able to stay home.  Our lists of specialists seen in the last 5 and a half years is long.  The number of hours I have spent at various therapies for the kids is also huge.  I am not sure that many employers would have kept me around with all the time I would have needed to take off.  I think there was some divine intervention helping us make the decision to have me be a stay at home mom.

To wrap things up I wanted to share another quote.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou

I do hope my children feel loved, cherished and inspired.  I also hope they feel brave and feel they have my full support to go out and do great things with their lives.


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