A funny thing happend on the way to this post . . .

Motherhood got in the way!  Seriously I rarely have time to finish a thought it seems let alone an entire blog posting.  Even worse is if the post was about about a particular subject and might be time sensitive, like a holiday.

Yes last week we celebrated Thanksgiving.  And while I have much to be thankful for as always, at the end of the day I am often most thankful for just getting to the end of the day with all of my crew happy, healthy and tucked safe in bed!   We did enjoy a wonderful long weekend at my parents house and the kids had a splendid time be spoiled by Nonna, Gra-Gra and other extended family and friends.  TD actually ate turkey for the first time this year!   Yes there was ketchup on it, but the turkey was consumed and he clams to like it.  Though i am not sure he could taste it under all the ketchup.

As I worked on this post over many days and decided I would post about Thanksgiving regardless of how long it took I was reminded that we have entered the advent season.  We are counting down to the birth of our savior Jesus.   And while all the typical Christmas carols leap to mind another song has been stuck in my head.   Make a Joyful Noise from Psalty’s Kids Praise! 2  (track 6 if your wondering).  If your not familiar with Psalty, he is a giant blue singing song book.  I had the first Kids Praise album as a child and loved it.  I had all the songs memorized.  I have purchased some of the CD’s for my own children and lately when my house is loud and crazy but my kids are happy I try to remember that in their own way my children are trying to ” Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”   They are in their own way thankful for what they have.

In a very secular twist to the season we are welcoming back an old friend today “N” the Christmas Elf.  TD named him when he was 3 and still had limited language.  I am hoping he helps remind BK and TD to stay on their best behavior this month.


One thought on “A funny thing happend on the way to this post . . .

  1. So glad you have the Kids Praise CD. You did love that as a child. I hope you guys do attend a church service this Sunday – after all – loud kids in church are just making a joyful noise to the Lord!

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