It can be hard to balance

I am having trouble with balance this week.  TD is struggling with behavior in school.  He was wonderful in September and had a hard time in October.  He went on a behavior chart and did really well in November.  But he had two rough days this week.  Currently his consequence is to loose his advent activity for the day when that happens.  The problem is BK then suffers for his behavior.  I may have to figure out a way to balance this so its fair.  But then I think to myself, is life ever really fair?  Half the time I have no clue who started the fights any more and either they both get a time out or I send them to work it out for themselves.  I have settled on the working it out for themselves a lot more lately.  It started out of frustration, but I think in the long run they are making more progress having to figure it out between them.  I wouldn’t say they fight less, but the fights change.  Instead of coming to me 5 times a day with the same fight over and over they usually come to me 2 or 3 times and its different issues.  When possible I offer suggestions and try to help them work it out.  But ultimately I have decided that they need to work together as a team and figure out how to play together.  I keep hoping these skills will carry over into the school day as well.

BK seems to have a little girl in her class she does not get along with.  I asked the teacher about the little girl and she told me the two of them do fight alot but she sees it as they are both strong personalities and they don’t always effectively communicate.  I hope that is all it is.  BK has a dress I bought her a Children’s Place that she won’t wear to school because of this little girl.  She won’t wear any clothing that is the same as R’s.  I guess I can understand that.  If you have somone you don’t get along with why would you want to dress like them!  But it still makes me sad because I know BK loves the dress.  She is wearing it today with her “sparkle shoes”  pink sparkly shoes Nonna bought her this fall.  She loves those shoes so much that she wants a black pair as well.  She is not the most girly girl every, but she does love sparkles!

Today’s advent activity is going to involve making gifts for people.  I can’t spill the beans to much since Nonna reads the blog.  But i think the kids will be very happy with our activity and I am hoping to make teacher gifts as well as let them choose something to make for grandparents.  We have other opportunity’s for grandparent gifts, today’s activity is mainly geared to making teacher gifts.  But you never know, something from today may just be perfect for a grandparent as well 🙂


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