15 minutes of fame?

No way!  Ill take my 15 minutes of peace in the morning.  This year I started getting up before the kids so I had time to have a cup of coffee in peace before the craziness of the day started.  When I was a new mom with only one child I used to hear about mom’s getting up at 6am to enjoy some personal time while their children slept till 7 or 8.  I could not imagine at that point why on earth anyone would do this to themselves!  I didn’t mind eating breakfast with my child, so it did not seem like something to loose precious sleep over.  Even with two children and preschool drop offs I still stuck strong to not getting up any earlier than I had to.  JK came along, nope I was still not getting up till I had to.  But this year with each of them having their own schedules and all the craziness in the morning, I finally got it.  There is a reason those mom’s were up so early!  Those 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or whatever you take are PRECIOUS!  They let me start my day awake and with a level head.  The caffeine has had a chance to start its work on me, I am slowly transforming into super mom!   So, yup 5 ish years into this Mom thing I finally understand why people choose peace over sleep.  You can keep your 15 minutes of fame, Ill keep my peace.


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