Countdown till summer!

The count down has begun, the school year is almost over.  I think we will survive TD’s first year of elementary school!   We got the news yesterday that homework is done for the Kindergarten classes for the rest of the year.  Whew!  In a lot of ways that is almost as good as the break starting early!  Homework has been a huge adjustment for us this year.  Its not that I didn’t know about homework or don’t remember it from my own school years, its more that I didn’t factor in what homework would be like with a helpful 4 year old and a hungry, whiny toddler running around.   Not to mention the “I want to go out and play” factor.

I am amazed how fast this year has flown by.  I honestly can’t believe how much TD has grown up this year.  So many changes.  He is no longer my little baby in so very many ways.  I had anxiety attacks about putting him on the bus at the beginning of the school year.  I dreaded it.  But its been a nice experience for him.  He has gotten to know some of the kids in our neighborhood and has gained a real feeling of independence.  I have even recently started waiting across the street from where the bus stops so TD can cross himself over like most of the other kids.  He comes running and jumping across the street most days yelling “Green Day Mommy!”  and no he is not talking about the band!  His school has a “stop light” system for behavior, a green day is a good day, a star day is an excellent day.  If your on yellow or red then you were in trouble at some point during the day.  TD had a lot of yellow days in the middle of the year, but he has really made a lot of changes.  When he started taking a non stimulant medication for ADHD I was really nervous.  Now I am so glad we did it.  Not only is he no longer getting in trouble at school each day, but he is managing to feel more confident about himself as a student.  Its such a joy to see!

The girls have also had big changes this year.  BK is not one to really admit it but she has gained a lot of self help skills.  But due to her not wanting to give up any adults attention she often pretends she can’t do things.  Last summer she went off her controller meds for seizures.  Its been about a year since we started weaning her down.  The one major shock we have had is that she shot up height wise.  She looks so tall to us now!  Even the pediatrician commented that she did take a small jump in her growth curve.  So its possible the medication may have been interfering with her growth some.  JK has just done all the normal toddler things, grow a ton, learn to walk, learn to run, learn to climb, learn to give mommy daily heart attacks.

Its been quite a school year here.  I am kind of sad to see it drawing to a close.  My mom told me time would really start to fly once they got into school, and it does.  I feel like it was just yesterday I was putting him on the bus and then going inside to worry all day!


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