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I hope we never go back . . .

To cardiology! JK’s heart checked out just fine.  She had and EKG and an Echocardiogram.  Both checked out just fine.  I am relived but also wonder what is or was going on with her.  I guess we will see if any symptoms continue, and what the pediatrician wants us to do.  I am thankful the daily vomiting has stopped.  But she still occasionally looks a little blue around the corners of her mouth.  I am alternately concerned and feeling like this is just a JK quirk.  If one thing is for sure it’s that medically all three of my kids are kind of quirky!  We like to keep those doctors guessing.

After JK’s big cardiology adventure this morning she had her little buddy S over for lunch.  They had a great time playing and I had to giggle because JK was wearing one of BK’s old dresses and S was in one of TD’s old rompers.  JK is about 3 months older than S and S has 2 older brothers.  It’s always fun to get the kids together to play.  But even better is the mommy time!  It was good to have someone to talk things over with today and sort of put all the medical drama behind us.  S and his brothers have food allergies so S’s mommy has a little taste of what sorts of drama goes on around here.  She is always a good listener and makes me feel a little more sane about things.

This evening is the big art show at the elementary school.  I look forward to seeing what TD has done this year in art.  Up till this year doing anything art or coloring related was never on his “to do” list.  He seems to have enjoyed art at school this year though so I am excited to see what he has done! Not to mention the ice cream treat after the show.  I think he is more excited for the ice cream than the art show.


Well we have never been to Cardiology . . .

In all the talk about seizures and BK I have left out a big chunk of whats going on at home right now.  JK has embarked to keep us all on our toes in her own special way.  She recently started having daily vomiting episodes.  As an infant she had “reflux” and was treated with an acid blocker.  She had what appeared to be reactions to foods several times and all reactions were vomiting.  She also had random vomiting episodes on and off during her first year.  Once she started solids I noticed several times over breakfast her lips would turn blue.  I let the pediatrician know and she kind of brushed it off that these things happen and she would out grow it.  With the recent vomiting she had another blue episode eating breakfast one morning.  She kept eating during it, and the blue lips passed, but during a doctors visit today just to check on why she might be vomiting daily the doc decided the best course of action was to send us to cardiology.  I am beyond nervous for this appointment.  This is a totally new specialist for me.  I don’t really know what to research, I have done a lot of reading today, but JK’s symptoms are so vague that I don’t really know what they are looking for.  I guess I will have to wait and see what they say next Tuesday.   Though JK was happy, she is back on real food now and no longer on the toast, dry cereal and apple sauce diet.  Since they don’t think it is related to her belly, but to possibly her heart we were able to resume normal food.

Not much of an update from me, but I am still processing how I feel.  Mostly I just wanted to put it out there so anyone who wanted to send prayer could do so.  A favorite quote of mine has made me smile today.  I don’t know who it’s from, but it is another good one to describe how I feel about my life some days.  “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain!”  Today, JK and I danced in the rain and tried not to think about what we might be facing next.  I guess the rainy day suited my mood perfectly today.