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Soaking in the Green

I feel like the air at this time of year takes on a green tinge at twilight.  I love the way it looks.  My family room is situated with a beautiful view of my back yard and of a county owned property with an expansive lawn.  There is a lot of green back there.  But there is just something about late spring and early summer, the air often looks green in the evening.  Maybe the humidity plays in to it, or maybe its just that everything is SO green after the long winter.  I love this time of year.   I was just sitting watching the breeze flutter through the leaves on the trees out back.  The subtle movements are beautiful, almost musical.

We are currently dog sitting.  Foxy is my mom’s 7 year old Carin Terrier.  She is a very sweet dog and has been a welcome addition here.  While I don’t love getting up and having to take her out every morning, this morning I had a real treat.  As I sat in a law chair and watched her do her thing out in the back yard I noticed a small baby rabbit in the tree line.  It was really beautiful, and so tiny.  It had a great sense of when it could move and not draw Foxy’s attention.  The dog never even realized the rabbit was there in the 20 minutes we were outside.  It made me think I really need to go out there and soak up the quiet more often!